Ann-Marie Howell

If you love historical fiction, mysteries, secrets (and pineapples) have a look at Ann-Marie’s video. Her book The Garden of Lost Secrets is a historical mystery set in a real walled kitchen garden within the grand country estate of Ickworth Park in Suffolk, now managed by the National Trust. In this video, she will take you back in time to 1916 and talk about her inspiration for the story which included finding out about the incredible discovery of a 100-year-old gardener’s notebook when the Ickworth staff were having a rainy day clear out.

What follows is perfect for budding writers of any age, lovers of historical fiction, mysteries, secrets and, of course, pineapples!

In order to go on a journey to delve into the mysteries of The Garden of Lost Secrets, you need to know the layout of the place, so the book give us a map, given below (the artist is Amy Grimes). It must be wonderful to have such a complex garden near you to explore. Look at how many different places there are in it. Do you know what "Hothouses" are and how they were used?

Where does the sun rise and set on the garden and the house - how do you know that?

You can use a map to explore, but when you draw a map you also get to notice and discover many things you sometimes overlook, and making a map is not that easy. Why not try to draw a map of your house and area, indicating the main spots that interest you, or maybe draw a map of a place you like, or would like to have near you. Don't forget to indicate where the sun rises and sets, where the light, or the cold come from.




In her video, Ann-Marie will also talk a little about her second book, The House of One Hundred Clocks, which is set in Edwardian Cambridge.

You can actually read some chapters from this second book,The House of One Hundred Clocks


Here you will find pages of fabulous information about Ann-Marie’s wonderful books, first about The Garden of Lost Secrets, and then about The House of One Hundred Clocks.

And here you can read some chapters from this second book,The House of One Hundred Clocks

Ann-Marie Howell

Click here to see a video of Ann-Marie talking to you about her two books, and a bit about herself.