Charlotte Sebag-Montefiore

If you love Jurassic Park and tales from the land before time, join Charlotte Sebag-Montefiore who leads us into the fascinating world of the dinosaurs through her book Herbie and the T. Rex. Read all about dinosaurs and prepare to be amazed! Then stretch your imagination on the dinosaur riddles and test your brainpower on the dinosaur quiz questions. Don't miss out on this peep into the prehistoric!

Herbie and T Rex Book Cover

Read about the adventures of Herbie the herbivore dinosaur, his friends Stegs who’s as big as a bus,  Spiney whose spines round her mouth change colour depending on which direction she’s going, and Dippy who’s not very bright.   Find out what happened when they met the terrifying T. Rex over 220 million years ago.

Watch this dinosaur video first, then have a go at the questions!




For many years, Dippy was the longest dinosaur known. Now we know it's an Amphicoelias.



Females were bigger

And now for some riddles - can you solve them?!

Riddle 1

I was a biped just like you.
I stood to look around
and used my horrid arms in front
to grab the prey they found!

I was a giant coelurosaur
So strange to think from me
the tasty chicken did evolve
that lays eggs for your tea!

For birds are dinosaurs you know.
They're bipeds like me too.
There are some others like the bear
-and then of course, there's you.

When the world was ruled by us,
mammals were so small
we didn't bother eating them,
not worth it, not at all!

For we were huge, ginormous,
a fearsome, monstrous beast.
We needed such a lot of meat
on which to munch and feast!

Of all the dinos, we were King,
- in Latin, that means rex.
And as regards the good food chain,
we were near the apex!

Riddle 2

I really was enormous,
too big to hunt at all.
That was a great advantage
-         though my brain was very small!

My eggs were buried for their sake
I didn’t squash and mind them.
But oh alas, there were some times
when others used to find them!

You see my little babies
were few who did survive.
Most were eaten up as eggs
before they were alive!

A herbivore is what I was.
My mouth had munchy jaws…
my neck and tail were very long
I hadn’t any claws!

The reason why my neck was long,
and my tail just the same….
I had to keep my balance, see,
Now tell me what’s my name!

Riddle 3

I often used to find myself
really quite surprised.
I think it was because, you see,
my brain was walnut-sized!

Big brains are simply not required
to find some ferns to munch.
When I could, I gobbled tons
and had them for my lunch!

I had to grind the ferns right up
with little stones I swallowed.
The ferns were first, bulged in my cheeks,
the grinding stones then followed!

I had two fancy rows of plates,
that blushed a rosy pink.
I was so very handsome,
at least that’s what I think!

My plates would keep me warm or cool,
scared predators away.
My walnut-brain is not quite sure
and now I’ve had my say!

Tyrannosaurus rex

I'm Diplodocus!


I'm a stegosaurus!