Tigeropolis is a mythical wild tiger reserve in the foothills of the Himalayas. But its conservation is fraught with dangers. Find out more under Story time. Here, you can see how to draw tiger cubs Butti en Matti trying to escape from the dangerous vultures on a Himalayan path.


DRAWING: Drawing Fergal

Drawing Fergal Using Shapes

DRAWING: Draw your own dragon

Fergal Expressions

DRAWING: Step by step Fergal

Below is a step by step guide showing you how to draw Fergal.
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Step by Step Fergal

DRAWING: Fergal expressions

Add expressions to Fergal's face; look at the images above to see examples.
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Fergal Expressions

DRAWING: drawing Lavenham Guildhall

COLOURING: Colour a Tudor building

Add colour to Shoo's drawing of a Tudor building. Royal Gold? Suffolk Pink?
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Draw a Tudor House Lavenham Guldhall

DRAWING: How to draw Henry VIII

DRAWING: How to draw Catherine Parr

DRAWING: How to draw Queen Elizabeth I