It's conker time! Do you know how to play?


It is indeed conker time! Learn how to play by clicking or tapping on the image on the left. Do you know how to make electricity from a potato? Find out how by clicking on one of the images below. And there are more DIY activities you can do away from a screen (taken from the book I Ate Sunshine For Breakfast by Michael Holland and Philip Giordano)

Send secret messages to your friends!




If you have read the Tigeropolis series of books you will love the family of vegetarian tigers, cubs Matti and Bittu with mum Tala and uncle Raj, and all their animal friends. They face poachers and developers who try to take over Tigeropolis, as well as the dangers of the forest such as vultures, who killed their dad. You can meet them again under DRAWING, and you can also look at a preview of a free game available on the Apple App Store by clicking here.

Here is a cut-out of the family. Click or tap on it to enlarge, then print it and cut it out.


Taken from the book This Cookbook Is Gross, here are some Revolting Recipes (actually delicious) for you to cook and horrify your friends with. Click on the images to enlarge.