Rob Starling

Robert Starling started doodling characters when he was little, and just kind of kept going, filling paper, sketchbooks and school exercise books along the way. His books have been translated into eighteen languages, and his debut, Fergal is Fuming!, was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children's Book Prize. A former teacher, he now enjoys running workshops, talks and writing sessions. When he’s not drawing, he can be found doing daddy duties, trying to bake a sponge that doesn’t look like a pancake, or popping the kettle on. He lives in Norwich with his wife and daughter.

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Fergal is a nice chap but when things don't go his way he gets angry.....

Imagine what trouble an angry young dragon can get up to.



Robert has written a follow-up called Fergal Meets Fern, in which Fergal becomes the big brother of little Fern.


When Fergal's mum and dad bring home an egg, his life will never be the same again. In the weeks after his sister Fern hatches, Fergal feels jealous, angry and worried. But believing those emotions are "bad" he hides them. Luckily Dad is around to help Fergal deal with his feelings by talking about them, and to discover what a great big brother he can be.


Look carefully. See how angry Fergal is as he looks at his little sister? He is almost fuming. What makes him look angry – his eyes, his mouth? The colour of his nose? What about Fern?

Fergal expressions

Fergal expressions. Download and print the page to draw different expressions on Fergal's face

Drawing your own dragon

Download and print the page to help you draw Fergal

Drawing Fergal

Drawing Fergal using shapes