28 and 29 OCTOBER 2016

Friday 28 and Saturday 29 October 2016 will see our first Children’s Festival, with lots of exciting activities for youngsters and their families including ‘meet the authors’, storytelling and workshops on drawing, writing and illustrating.

The programme is taking shape and  up to date information is available under the ‘Future Events’ section – so why not start planning your visit?!


The fourth Lavenham Literary Festival came to a hugely successful conclusion last November, after three days of sessions which were invariably as interesting as they were brilliantly delivered, and therefore both inspiring and entertaining. Our beautiful mediaeval village with its Guildhall, heralded as the finest example of a timbered building of the period in the UK, and its 300 listed buildings, became once again a celebration of the written word.

Would you like to revisit the experience of going to our Festival? You can do it by reading Rhea’s words, the blog by  Simone Rhea, freelance writer
This event was my first experience of a literary festival, and to say that I really did not know what to expect is a vast understatement. As soon as we entered Lavenham, I knew that the trip was worth it even if I didn’t go to any of the events. The village is magical; the houses are elegantly wacky, slanting in individuality. It would have been frighteningly easy to believe that we had been thrown into the 15th Century, was it not for the modern cars parked on the roads. The festival began with a talk by John Higgs, in the cosy Guildhall building. This warm, homely hall set the mood for the sense of community that was ever present in Lavenham, and the lack of barrier between authors and readers. (read more in the post below)

Rhea’s Words

Each talk was one hour long, but the minutes flew by way too quickly. Every moment was gripping; it was clearly evident that the authors … Continue reading