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Lavenham Literary Festival 2024 authors!

       Tracy Borman       Ashley Hickson-Lovence       Alan Johnson       Annie Gray                        Sheila Hancock       Patrick Barkham       Rebecca Goss       Emily Hasler                        Joanna Ingham       Lesley Dolphin       Jyoti Patel       Tom Henry       Hilary Taylor     

Tracy Borman
Ashley Hickson-Lovence
Sheila Hancock
Jyoti Patel
Louis De Bernières
Alan Johnson
Rebecca Goss
Joanna Ingham
Emily Hasler
Patrick Barkham
Dr Annie Gray
tom henry 1 2
Hilary Taylor
Craig Brown.jpg

Craig Brown



Craig is our guest speaker at the Lavenham Literary Festival annual dinner, on Friday 01/11/24.


He is a former political sketch-writer for the Times, and a restaurant, TV and book critic. He has written for Private Eye since 1989!


He’s the author of over twenty books including the award-winning Ma’am Darling,
99 Glimpses of Princess Margaret 
and One Two Three Four. The Beatles in Time, which won the Baillie Gifford Prize.


His next book Q: A Voyage round the Queen will be published in August.

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