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Lavenham Children’s Book Festival has gone on-line, with an exciting collection of authors, artists and musicians to keep you entertained. Listen to Michael Morpurgo reading a story or discover from Zeb Soanes what Gaspard the Fox got up to next. If you’re dotty about dinosaurs there are quizzes and riddles to test your knowledge, and if  you’d like to draw even better Shoo Rayner will show you how.  Love tales of mystery?  Then visit The House of a Hundred Clocks. Discover why Fergal the Dragon is fuming and how he gets on at Dragon Day camp.

Want to have fun in the kitchen, with revolting recipes to freak out your friends? Turn to the Activities section, it’s all here in the Bookworms' Bonanza!

It’s easy to find your way around the site.  Click on a book cover below and you’ll be taken to its author’s page where you can choose lots of stories and activities.

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Story time

Listen to the authors reading their stories

Click on the book cover above and enter a world of mysterious gardens and houses, where you can read some chapters from Ann-Marie Howell’s latest book, and listen to her talking about her writing.


If you like dinosaurs, come to this page, where you’ll meet Charlotte Sebag-Montefiore’s Herbie and also find lots of information on dinosaurs, with quizzes and riddles.


Here, Michael Morpurgo will be reading to you from The Butterfly Lion and be interviewed by Clare Mulley. Do follow the link to Michael’s website and more activities.


Everyone can draw, says Shoo Rayner, and he shows you how to draw a famous building, some  historical people, and more. Prove him right, give it a go, and let us know how you get on!


You might remember Zeb Soanes and Gaspard, the little fox who visits him in London. If you do, or if you don’t, come and meet them here, together with James Mayhew, who draws the pictures to Zeb’s stories. There’s much to do here! Cooking, Loo rolls… There’s also some music which Chris Warner composed for Gaspard’s adventures, and more from Chris.

Rob Starling's  Fergal is a mischievous and often cross young dragon, with a Mum and Dad and a new little sister. Meet him and his family, add expressions to his eyes, and learn to draw him yourself.

Bookworms' Bonanza Global Challenge

How many miles to Lavenham?

There's a prize each month for the reader who lives the furthest away from Lavenham, the beautiful  village in Suffolk, England from where this children's book festival is organised.   Email us if you think you're our globally furthest-flung reader, and you could win one of the books featured in Bookworms' Bonanza!

Congratulations to our September and October winners of the Bookworms’ Bonanza! Global Challenge.

Dorota in Poland lives 832 miles from Lavenham.  Iona in County Durham, UK, lives 264 miles from Lavenham.

Both these winners chose as their prize Gaspard Best in Show by Zeb Soanes and James Mayhew.

Will you be next?  Write in and tell us how far away you live and you too could win a book!